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Encompassing over 3 million volumes, the Berlin State Library's historical collections of printed works reflect four and a half centuries of development in science, the arts and the history of books.
Set against the rapid development of science, the 19th century was to see the State Library rise to become one of the world’s most important universal libraries.Though the scars of the Second World War are still
noticeable, prospects open up of re-uniting the library’s historical collections in its refurbished parent site Unter den Linden in the near future. The Department of Early Printed Books is responsible for looking after these precious collections covering the period from 1501 to 1945, for making antiquarian purchases to fill in gaps and for making research easier by drawing on modern information technology to open up new and efficient methods of accessing historical books.

akzent The Ex Bibliotheca Regia Berolinensi CD ROM:

is an invitation to embark on a multimedia discovery of these precious works from the 16th to 20th centuries and, thus, to gain new insights into the State Library’s treasure troves with the help of modern information technology. This presentation of rarities stretches from a broadside printing of Martin Luther’s 95 theses to the design of advertisements during the 1920s and 1930s and from hand-coloured works printed on parchment to camouflaged imprints from the Second World War. The Virtual Room sets the astrolabe by Leonhard Thurneysser in motion, brings a czar’s costume ball back to life and displays a splendid Maroquin binding made in the Berlin workshop of Lehmann from all angles. The CD also provides an informative introduction and commentaries on the collections and its individual treasures. To this end, then, it creates a portrayal of the endless variety of the rare and fascinating books held in the State Library’s collection – a star-filled galaxy of knowledge.

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History and Profile of the Staatsbibliothek

Staatsbibliothek, Department of Early Printed Books

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