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Publication of »Die Reklame«, the magazine of the Association of German Advertising Professionals, began in Berlin in 1919. Advertising as a means of promoting the sale of products and services had been rising ever since the middle of the 19th century. To stimulate interest in the midst of an ever swelling flood of advertising, more and more attention was paid to the design of advertising media. »Die Reklame« covered several subjects like announcements, commercials, advertisements abroad and classified advertisements and offered contributions about the art of printing, photography and the design of advertising texts. Original advertising media such as brochures, collapsible boxes, labels and trademarks were affixed as illustrations and packaging designs were introduced. Renowned artists presented sample posters and advertisements.
The issues of »Die Reklame« mirror the development of the German advertising industry. They give insight into a great variety of printing technologies and materials as well as into the artistic design of pictures and type. The magazine makes quite an impression on the reader through its unusually intense colours and the brilliance of its advertising prints.


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Die Reklame : Zeitschrift des Verbandes Deutscher Reklamefachleute e.V. ; Fachblatt für das gesamte Werbewesen. - Berlin

Früher u.d.T.: Verein Deutscher Reklamefachleute: Mitteilungen des Vereins Deutscher Reklamefachleute. - Später u.d.T.: Die deutsche Werbung

1919,4 - 1922; 16.1923 - 26.1933, 17
Signatur: 4° Fg 2332/39 R

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