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John Baskerville was one of the most important English printers of the 18th century: He became best known for the improvements he made to typography and the use of special kinds of paper. His editions of the English language Bible, the »Book of Common Prayer« and various classics are well known.
Among these was the library’s small edition of Horace, which was printed in Birmingham in 1777. Its clear and simple typeface is striking. It is thought to be based on an earlier edition – John Baskerville had already died in 1775. While his wife, Sarah, ran the printing works for another two years, only one other book was published besides the Horace.


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Horatius Flaccus, Quintus: Quintus Horatius Flaccus. - Birminghamiae : Baskerville, 1777. - [3] Bl., 300 S. : Frontisp. (Kupferst.) ; 18° (?)
Signatur: Wg 8588 R

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