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The successful anatomist Hieronymus Fabricius ab Aquapendente taught in a Theatrum anatomicum in Padua which he had had built at his own expense. He introduced the comparative method as a working method in anatomy and embryology. Fabricius was also a famous surgeon and invented new instruments as well as orthopaedic devices and artificial limbs. Most of his writings first appeared after the conclusion of his teaching activities in 1604 and some only after his death in 1619.
Fabricius’s »Opera Chirurgica« contain sophisticated treatises, descriptions of operations and – systematically arranged – advice on symptoms, methods and prognostication. This work is of fundamental importance for the history of orthopaedics.


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Fabricius ab Aquapendente, Hieronymus: [Opera Chirurgica] Hieronymi Fabricii Ab Aquapendente, Medico-Chirurgorum toto orbe Præclarissimi. Anatomes, & Chirurgiæ ... Professoris Supraordinarii Opera Chirurgica : Quorum Pars Prior Pentateuchum Chirurgicum, Posterior Operationes Chirurgicas continet ; Cum Indice Locupletissimo Capitum Et Rerum. Accesserunt instrumentorum, quæ partim Autor, partim alii recens invenere, accurata delineatio. Item, De Abusu Cucurbitularum in Febribus Putridis Dissertatio, è Musæo ejusdem. - Lvgdvni Batavorvm : Boutesten, 1723. - [6] Bl., 140 Sp., Sp. 140a - 140q, 141 - 744, [12] Bl., gef. Bl. A1, A2, B - H : Ill. (Kupferst.) ; 2°
Signatur: 2° Jg 3825<a> R

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