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The »Peinliche Gerichtsordnung« of Emperor Charles V was the first penal code of the German Reich. It was enacted by the Diet of Regensburg in 1532 after lengthy preparations conducted by Baron von Schwarzenberg. While its validity was only subsidiary relative to territorial law, it exerted an influence on all subsequent legislation up until the penal code of May 15, 1871.
As a product of the Middle Ages, which were nearing their end, the »Gerichtsordnung« refers to Roman law; at the same time it conclusively lays down the officiality and inquisitorial principles, rules for circumstantial evidence and the use of torture as judicial instruments.
The title picture of this early edition shows offenders at a place of execution. The depictions of implements of torture were not just included as decorations, rather they were there to reinforce the impression of the written word and remind the judge of his obligation to reach a just verdict.


akzent Title:

Des allerdurchleuchtig-|| sten großmechtigste[n] vn-||überwindtlichsten Key-||ser Karls des fünfften: vnnd des|| heyligen Römischen Reichs peinlich gerichts ord-||nung/ auff den Reichßtägen zu Augspurgk|| vnd Regenspurgk in[n] jaren dreissig/ vn[d]|| zwey vnd dreissig gehalten/ auff-||gericht vnd beschlossen. - Meyntz : Schöffer, 1533. - [6], XLII Bl. : Titelholzschn. und 2 Ill. (Holzschn.) ; 2°

Einheitssacht.: Peinliche Gerichtsordnung. - Kolophon: Gedruckt ... als man zalt ... M.D.xxxiij. jar/|| auff den sechtzehenden tag des|| Augstmonats. - Bibliogr. Nachweis: Vgl. VD 16 D 1070
Signatur: 4° Fu 2901 R

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