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»Ein einfeltige weise zu Beten« (A simple way to pray), a short work from the year 1535, is a commentary on the Lord’s Prayer. Luther wrote it for a good friend, his barber Peter Beskendorf.
The coloured title border is centred on Christ the Good Shepherd standing in front of an imaginary landscape. The title is framed by the emblems of five prominent men. One of them, at the upper left, is the Luther rose. A cross stands in the middle of a red heart. It serves as a reminder that faith in the Crucified Lord leads to salvation. The blue background signifies the hope of heaven. The white rose stands for joy, peace, and comfort in faith.


akzent Title:

Luther, Martin: [Ein einfeltige weise zu Beten] Ein einfel-||tige weise|| zu Beten/ fur|| einen guten freund|| Mart. Luther.|| 1535. - Wittemberg : Lufft, 1535. - [16] Bl. : Titel mit Holzschn.-Einfassung ; 4°

Signaturformel: A - D4 (B3 doppelt, B4 fehlt). - Bibliogr. Nachweis: VD 16 L 4494

Handkolor. Ex.
Signatur: Luth. 6801<ter>

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