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The brochure under the title »Haandbog i oversvømmelser«
(Manual for flooding) was distributed in Denmark close to New Year´s
Day 1944. It was allegedly published by the Royal Danish Draining Corporation.
This, however, was camouflage: behind the innocuous title was a foreword by Arne Sørensen, a Danish politician, author and member of the Resistance. Sørensen also selected the essays for this brochure. These texts could never have officially appeared under German censorship in occupied Denmark, as is clear from the names of authors such as Thomas Mann, Willy Brandt, Winston Churchill, Henry Wallace and Hermann Rauschning. The articles are supplemented by outspoken anti-Nazi cartoons.


akzent Title:

Haandbog i oversvømmelser / udg. af det Kgl. Danske Afvandingsselskab. - København, 1943. - 159 S., [4] Bl. : Ill.

Tarnschr., enth. Beitr. von Thomas Mann, Willy Brandt u.a.

Signatur: 4-46 MA 428 R

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