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Song pamphlets, the first mass medium for popular music, reached their height in the 16th century. They could be produced quickly and cheaply, and were also easy to market.
The song presented here addresses matrimonial problems of marriage. It exhorts wives in a longwinded, schoolmasterly manner to be good wives and is directed against another song called a »disgraceful little song« that condones a rather more relaxed attitude towards marriage and the household.


akzent Title:

Linck, Hieronymus: Ein schön New|| Geistlich Leid/ wider das|| schandliedlein/ so man jetzund pfleget|| zu singen/ Mein Man der wil in|| Krieg ziehen/ Jm Thon/|| Jch gieng ein mal|| spatzieren.|| Allen Erbarn from[m]en Frawen zu|| Ehren gestellet/ vnd in Druck|| verfertiget / [Hieronimus Linck Glazen-||sis ordinauit]. - [Nürnberg : Gutknecht, ca. 1560]. - [4] Bl. : Titelholzschn. ; 8°

Ohne Signaturformel. - Nicht im VD 16
Signatur: Hymn. 7539

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