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Rank and quarters lists provided military leaders with information on where each unit was stationed and with the rank, location and decorations of each individual officer.
This »Rang- und Quartier-Liste der Königlich Preußischen Armee für das Jahr 1819« originally came from the library of King Friedrich Wilhelm III. In contrast to its down-to-earth contents, this book’s splendid binding is made of the choicest dark blue Maroquin leather. Gold framing surrounds the initials »FWR«, the central ornament, on which a crown is placed. Filigree gold lines symbolise the rays of the rising sun. Both inner covers are ornamented with gold borders that enclose a wine red silk doublure paste-down. The three-sided gilt edging and the gilt lower edges of the book cover round off the elegance of this truly fine binding from the leading bindery of Karl Lehmann in Berlin. His shop also produced further magnificent bindings for the Royal Library.

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Rang- und Quartier-Liste der Königlich Preußischen Armee für das Jahr 1819. - Berlin : Dietericus, 1819. - 304 S.
Signatur: Sy 928<a> EBD

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