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Following the London world exposition in 1851, the new applied arts movement in manufacturing and craftsmen circles led to a strong interest in collections of models and patterns. The folder »Thür- und Fenster-Verschlüsse« with parts for closing doors and windows was compiled by the Viennese architecture professor August von Siccardsburg and appeared in 1876.
The folder was intended for use in trade schools as a model for carpentry and mechanical work. Many technical details are depicted, often in full size, on 52 large-format plates.
Today this collection of plates should be just as interesting for preservationists as it is for carpenters and mechanics who are entrusted with restoring old buildings.


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Siccardsburg, August von: Die Thür- und Fenster- Verschlüsse nach ihrer technischen Entwicklung in den verschiedenen Ländern bis auf die neueste Zeit : aus dem Nachlasse des Professors Aug. von Siccardsburg / ... vervollständigt hrsg. von J. Storck ... - Neue Ausg. - Wien : Lehmann & Wentzel, [1876]. - XVI S., 52 Bl. : überw. graph. Darst.
Signatur: 50 MC 345 R

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