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Family registers and emblem books provide a large number of genealogical as well as historical artistic and cultural aspects of life. They have views of landscapes and towns, pictures of buildings and interior rooms with furniture, portrayals of daily life of various social classes including their manner of dress and means of pleasure. Indeed, there can be hardly any area of life about which the illustrations of this literary genre yield no information.
The »Stambvch, Der Ivngen Gesellen« from 1615 is one of the printed works of the publisher Ludwig König in Basel. It has a foreword in Latin and German followed by a total of 83 copperplate engravings.


akzent Title:

[Stambuch, Der Jungen Gesellen, Oder Handtbuch] Stambvch, Der Ivngen Gesellen, Oder Handtbuch : mit sonderlichen vleis Zusamen gebracht, vnd mit schone[n] Kupper-stucken gesiert. - Itzunder auff nheuws vermheeret vnd imm truck außgangen. - Basel : Kuning, 1615. - [88 Bl.] : Kupfert., überw. Ill. (Kupferst.) ; quer-4°

Parallelt.: Stirpivm Insignium Nobilitatis, tum etiam Sodalium Memoriale
Erscheinungsjahr im Parallelt.: 1612
Signatur: Nv 7845 R

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Link: Staatsbibliothek, Rara Collection







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